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Electric Car Charging

Our Scope

Your future partner for the future economy.

At Sustainable Search, we recruit executives and professionals across the global sustainable economy with a focus on sustainable mobility, sustainable finance and sustainable tech.


We also recruit for other areas of the sustainable economy as well as other companies working to build a more sustainable society.


We are happy to recruit for a wide array of roles across many geographies: from C-suite to entry-level and from marketeers to engineers, we're confident we can find you the right individual for the role.

Our Perspective

Building the industries of tomorrow, today.

The world of mobility is undergoing the biggest step change since the invention of modern transport, with a global push towards sustainability which encompasses all modes of transportation across the land, sea and sky.


The finance sector is also at a pivotal moment where more and more companies want to invest and manage their money sustainably and utilise the latest sustainable fintech to do so efficiently and effectively.


Cleantech represents our key route away from a fossil fuel-led economy to one which can rely on the energy nature provides on a daily basis.

Our Expertise

Sustainable mobility, finance, tech and more.

In mobility, we cover all associated infrastructure and manufacturing across electric vehicles, hydrogen and sustainable fuel powered transport. 


In finance, we cover the whole sustainable finance and investment sector, spanning corporate finance, accounting, DeFi and beyond.


In cleantech, we work on requirements across wind, tidal, hydropower, geothermal, solar and BESS, with a particular focus on the financing and development of new technologies and projects.

We also love to headhunt for roles beyond this remit in the wider sustainable economy, including construction, engineering, manufacturing and beyond.

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